New Year, New Beauty Resolution

Hi everyone,

Welcome to my blog again.

This year I decided I would try out a lot of natural products, remedies and solutions to sort out some of the beauty challenges I have and improve on some aspects of my current beauty regimes. So I’d be sharing with you some of the products I have bought already and what I would be using them for.

#1- Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil £15.49
First of all I would like to point out how weird I find it that it is always referred to as coconut oil but it is solid at room temperature but anyways; Back to what this post is about :D. I bought my coconut oil from Holland & Barretts for £15.49 a jar. However, it was in the ‘penny sale’ when I bought it so I got two for £15.50, which was the main reason I went for this particular one (1 for £15.49 and the other for £0.01), It is 16oz which is about 450ml, so it’s quite a big jar and good value for money.

I would be using this for my hair, skin and also for my oral hygiene. Yes I know… Oral hygiene too. I have been reading a lot about oil pulling recently, which is basically using oil as a pre-mouth wash before you brush your teeth. So I would be using coconut oil, which is one of the recommended oils, for oil pulling.

My hair is naturally kinky, so I thought I would add coconut oil as one of my hair care products. It is supposed to make your hair soft and more manageable so I would be using it for that purpose and I would update you in due course about the results.


#2- Almond Oil

Sweet Almond oil £5.89
I read up on this oil and it is said to be good for your skin and also your hair. So I would be mixing this oil with the coconut oil and shea butter, which I already use, to make a body and hair cream/butter. I also got it from Holland & Barrett’s and it was £5.89 f0r 200ml. I think it’s a good and reasonable price .


#3- Tea tree mouth wash.

Tea tree oil mouth wash £3.69
Tea tree oil is a natural antibacterial and I must confess that the first time I saw it as a mouth wash I was surprised and couldn’t understand why Tea tree oil should be in a mouth wash, judging from my experience with Tea tree skin care products. However, after realising that there are actually a lot of bacteria that stay in your mouth that could cause tooth decay and other gum and teeth problems I have decided to try it out as well and that is why I got this product. Also from Holland & Barrett’s and it cost £3.69.


#4- Vitamins and Mineral supplements

I bought Calcium and Biotin tablets from Holland & Barrett’s (I should have just called this post Holland & Barrett’s Beauty Haul… lol :D).

The Calcium is to strengthen my bones and the Biotin is to help my hair, skin and nails stay healthy. The calcium tablets cost £2.99 for 60 tablets and the Biotin was £5.99 for 100 tablets. The recommended dosage is 1-2 and 1-4 tablets daily, respectively, for each tablet. However, I only use one calcium tablet and 2 biotin tablets daily as your body can only absorb so much of a particular nutrient in a day and any excess would be rejected by your body as waste.

Calcium with D3 Tablets £2.99

Biotin Tablet £5.99
So yeah, these are some of the products I would be adding to my health and beauty regime and I would be keeping you updated on how they are working for me.

Have a wonderful day lovelies!!!


7 thoughts

  1. I know!!! I was so surprised when I read that it could be used for cooking. I might try it out soon for cooking too.


  2. It’s better for cooking bcos just like olive oil has the kinds of fat you should be consuming!That is good for your ‘good’ cholesterol levels,so try olive or coconut oil,you’ll notice less soaking while you cook n other tinz.😁

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