New Year Accessory Haul!!!

Hi everyone,

Today I would be showing you some of the Accessories I got during the Christmas sales. You could call this part one because as mentioned in my previous haul post, I got so many items so unfortunately I can’t show you all of them them at once or it would be a really long post, which could get boring. So here we go:

#- Zara combined Heel Court shoe in Red.


This shoe I absolutely LOVVEEE!!! I had Red court shoes before but they had a lace pattern over them and that limited the way I wore them. So I decided to get these ones from Zara which are a combination of Leather and Suede ( I love suede shoes ^_^).



The were £19.99 on sale, but they have run out now sorry :(. This tends to happen a lot with Zara products when they go on sale. I placed my order at midnight the day the sales started so I was quite lucky  ^_^. They are very comfortable, although I had to get a size bigger than my regular size (I got a size 6 instead of a 5). This is probably because I have wide feet. The heel isn’t too high. It is 4 inches high.



#- Newlook Richard Navy Blue Court shoes.


I really love court shoes, so I was very happy when I walked into newlook and saw this shoe for £8. It was reduced from £19.99, which makes the price I got it at less than half. What a bargain!!!. The gold detail on the heel is very pretty and adds a touch of class to these shoes which is what we all look for when we purchase an item. Unfortunately, I have only seen these particular color in store. They don’t have it online, but they have a Red and Black version for £10 on and the Black and the Pink version for £13 on They are quite comfortable, not too high and have a great fit.




[Click the site name for Black version and Red version on ]

#- Snake Print Clutch.


MNow I didn’t plan on buying any clutch(es) this sales period but when I walked into primark and saw these for £5 ONLY!!! I just had to get one. Primark has a way of surprising you every now and again with really nice items and this item does not in anyway look cheap or ‘primark like’. It was previously £10 and was reduced to £5. The slim designIMG_6038 makes it look even more expensive than it actually is and it also has a gold strapIMG_6037 which is nice and pretty and good for those times when you just want to hang it on your shoulder. I can’t wait to show this off soon ^_^. I got it from the primark in Croydon.







#- Newlook Peach watch2015/01/img_6344.jpg

I just thought this watch was pretty, so I got it. Lol. Nothing more and it’s really cute as well. I am in love with it. I just started wearing watches recently and I had been getting a lot of dressy watches so I like that this one is more casual. It was £6.50


So yes guys, those are the accessories I got that I thought would be worth sharing with you. For the clothes, I plan on doing an outfit post with them. I am currently in the middle of exams so I would be posting it quite late; Probably at the beginning on Feburary. Most of them are items that you can wear during the spring/summer season and I can’t wait to show you.

Until next time…



6 thoughts

  1. It’s really nice! The material is a little rough, sort of imitating what an actual snake’s skin might feel like but not as rough as you may see on other similar patterns. It looks quite durable and hopefully the gold detail won’t fade with time :). I hope this helps xoxo


  2. It does thank you. For £5.00 you can’t really go wrong though. It’s not like you throw your bag into the washing machine every week, so I think it will be a while before it fades. Looks like I need a trip to Primark! x



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