Beauty || Day 1 of my Flutter Make-Up Advent Calendar

Yay!!! It’s December now and what better way to countdown to christmas than with a Chocolate Advent calendar? I’ll tell you what, counting down with a MakeUp Advent Calendar! – It’s calorie free #BadJoke lol

Fun Fact! : I have never used an advent calendar before and at over 2 decades old that’s quite surprising yes? – considering they are such a big deal in the UK and I’ve been here for quite a while.

Anyways… this year I’m counting down to the 25th of December using the MakeUp advent Calendar by Flutter. I got it from SuperDrug and I also gave out one of these advent calendars to one of my followers on Instagram. Hopefully, once she get’s it I’ll also be sharing her countdown in some of my posts!

Back to the advent calendar! So I opened up the first section, Day 1 today and I was quite impressed and awed by what I saw behind the little ‘window‘ – A cute mini red lipstick. LOVEEEE IT!!! I actually didn’t think of this before I started writing this post, but apart from how vibrant the colour is and how easy it is to apply, it is also very portable! – which means I can easily fit it into my clutch bag on a night out or to all the numerous dinners that happen during the festive season!

If you’ll like to get this calendar you can get one from SuperDrug. It only cost £8 so it’s definitely worth a try!

Are you counting down with any advent calendars? What was behind your ‘window‘ today? ^_^


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