Beauty || Day 2-6 of My Flutter Make-Up Advent Calendar

Hi everyone!

Welcome back to High Street Mania! If you missed my previous post on Day 1 of my Flutter MakeUp Advent Calendar then you definitely want to check it out here! and see what I got on day one. Today I’ll be showing you the items I got from Day 2 up till today… Day 6!!! I can’t believe how quickly the days are going by and it’s even more exciting having something to look forward to each day with this Advent Calendar. So enough rambling, let’s get started.

Day 2 :

On this day I got a mini-round-mirror which was unusual at first but quite cute!… I mean who doesn’t need a mirror! Initially I wasn’t too sure how it would be of use to me but then I figured I could fit it on my key ring and take it round it with – Purrrfect!

Day 3

On Day 3 I got another Make-Up product! – A tub of lip gloss which comes in a pinkish orange shade and I just realised I haven’t tried it on so I would be doing so right after this post!

Day 4

On Day 4 I was in such a rush thinking I’d get another lovely lipstick like Day 1… I ended up tearing the ‘lid’ of the window [covers face]. Sadly #jokes, all I got was a cute little eyeshadow applicator which would go so perfectly with my mini brush set from makeup revolution (review coming soon!)

Day 5

On this day I got a black eyeliner which I actually haven’t tried on as well because the colour looks quite dark – I mean it’s jet black; so I am still very sceptical about using it as I don’t usually use jet black eyeliner.

Day 6

Finally on day 6, bright and early this morning I got another Make-Up Applicator but this time it was a lip colour brush!

DSC_0002 DSC_0003

To be honest I don’t think the past few days have been the most exciting days with this calendar but I look forward to finding more lovely products as the days get closer to Christmas! What do you think?

Are you counting down with any advent calendars? What was behind your ‘window‘ today? ^_^


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