DIY || Pearl Bodybag Using SuperGlue #ChanelInspired

DIY Pearl Bag Micheal Kors11

Looking for a fun way to tweak your old body/shoulder bag? Getting bored of carrying the same bag everywhere? Then here’s a quick and easy DIY on how to spice up your favourite bag using only SUPERGLUE and any embellishment of your choice! – but I’ll be using Pearls ^_^

What you’ll need

An Old Handbag (or a new one if you please! ^_^)

Some Half Pearl beads (Also used for another DIY here!)

Super Glue

DIY Pearl Bag Micheal Kors1

Step 1

Place your bag on a hard flat surface

Step 2

Decide where you want to place your pearls and apply some super glue. Then place your bead over the glue and hold in place for 3 seconds

NOTE! – You will need to work really quickly as super glue dries fast

Step 3

Rock your bag round town! Easy Peasy!

DIY Pearl Bag Micheal Kors10

Check out my other tutorial using these beads! – The possibilities endless with superglue and a few beads.


10 thoughts

  1. Lol πŸ™ˆ Thanks babe! You could try it out with any flat end embellishment too! Rhinestones (the kind on lace) will look just fine too

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