A few tricks to make your Instastory Pop! #Lifestyle

I’ve had a few people ask me questions about my instastory (and by a few I means 3-5 people lol). Anyways, because of the questions I’ve been asked, I thought it might be nice to share with you some of the knowledge I’ve gained in this post – Instastory telling! ^_^.

Now don’t be alarmed, I’m not about to start giving lifestyle tips on a regular, but anytime I learn something new and I have a few people ask me about it, I just might share it here on my blog!

Now to the core of this post. Instastory telling comes in so many different ways and there are SOOOO MANY different things you can do to make an interesting instastory. This post focuses on adding text to your stories and here are a few tricks you probably don’t know about!

# Plain coloured backgrounds

To create a plain coloured background to write text on, start by taking any random picture (like a picture of your ceiling :D). Next, choose the colour you want either from the default ones given by instagram or choose a custom colour by long pressing on any colour until the colour spectrum comes up!

Once you’ve chosen your colour, go back to your main image and long tap on the screen. The background should immediately pop up!

# Text only background

You may not have noticed, but anytime you type text on insta-stories, there’s an icon with an ‘A’ at the top. Tapping the icon will create a background for your text. Tapping it again will create a semi transparent background for your text only.

The colour of the background is determined by the text colour you choose! Try it out and see

# Text Alignment

Again, another thing you may have missed! On the top left hand corner of your insta-story screen lies the alignment option. It help’s align your text to the left, right or centre and is great for creating a dynamic feel to your text especially when typing various lines!

#  Adding Shadows!

One of my fave but probably underused text edits! To do this, first create your text in the colour you want the shadow to be. Then create another text that is EXACTLY  the same as the shadow in the colour you want your main text to be in. Carefully place your main text over the shadow text to create the shadow effect!

Easy Peasy!

# Other things!

Other things you can do with your instastory text is add fun stickers (Instagram is always coming up with a new ones), add location tags, play around with the hashtag and now poll sticker and so on!

Hope this was helpful! If it was, do not forge to share!


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